tooth extraction

Tooth Extractions

Extraction or tooth removal is performed for a number of reasons. Prior to tooth removal, it is important to determine if and how it will be replaced. In some situations, preservation of the remaining bone around the extracted teeth is indicated. Dr. Cohen will discuss your particular needs after a complete examination.


Teeth are extracted (removed) for a variety of reasons including cavities, fractures, infections, severe bone loss, improper location in the jawbone, among others. When teeth are removed, the space that is left may cause other teeth to shift or move from their existing location. Dr. Cohen will discuss appropriate
options for tooth replacement, should the extraction site be in a location that may affect the shifting of other teeth.


After appropriate anesthesia is achieved in the treatment area, your tooth can be removed without pain. The anesthesia allows pressure sensation during tooth extraction. In many cases, teeth can be removed without opening the gum tissue at all. Every effort is taken to remove the tooth as conservatively as possible, so as to not disturb the supporting bone structure.

In almost all cases, Dr. Cohen will advise a patient to have a bone graft placed in the extraction site (Extraction Site Preservation) to help prevent the bone shrinkage that occurs after a tooth is removed.

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