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The treatment I received from Dr. Cohen truly enhanced my quality of life in two areas. First I am now able to eat foods that I like but were unable to bite into or chew adequately. Things like corn on the cob, apples, steak, and ribs are among some of the things I can once again enjoy. But the most important thing is that it gave me back my smile and self confidence!

My advice would be to have whatever procedure you need to be done as soon as you can. Life is too short to miss even the simplest of pleasures. Dr. Cohen and his professional staff made my surgical experience with them as easy as one, two, three. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing periodontal procedures or implant surgery. I was pleasantly surprised at how little pain I actually experienced throughout my surgery and healing process.

To me, the financial investment was insignificant when compared to the quality of life I now enjoy. I can go confidently anywhere I choose to dine, smile again, and really enjoy myself for the first time in a long time.

Frank P.

The treatment I received will make me less self-conscious and I will be smiling much more without being embarrassed. Before doing the treatment, I was told that it was very painful - WRONG. I would recommend this treatment if it is being done by a good/great doctor.

My opinion of Dr. Cohen - he is GREAT at what he does, CARES about his patients, and makes you feel at ease. The benefits I received do not come anywhere near the financial investment. It was worth it and I would certainly do it again so long as it is done by Dr. Cohen.

PS: Dr. Cohen's staff is also great and caring. It's a pleasure to go to his office.

Pauline A.

It was unlucky for me to have been involved in an industrial accident, and as a result, I found myself grinding my teeth causing the fracture of two teeth. Dental implants have been the best option, basically getting two brand new teeth that look and feel exactly like the originals.

I believe that this is a "forever" fix that hopefully will not require dental work in the future aside from regular check-ups and cleanings. In this light, it was definitely worth the investment. I only wished that our healthcare system was more proactive towards implants. If the need ever arose again, I would definitely return.

I was a bit skeptical about the whole process until visiting Dr. Cohen for a consultation. He carefully outlined the procedures and the expected results helping my decision to move forward. Throughout the procedures, as well as recovery, the priority of patient comfort was a number one concern by Dr. and staff. Dr. Cohen personally called me on the telephone later in the day after my procedures to ensure recuperation was progressing as normal. Dr. Cohen and his staff have created a benchmark for periodontics and implant dentistry.

Mike F.

The implants and subsequently added crowns essentially brought the teeth back to a natural condition, as good as it gets and certainly well worth the cost. Dr. Cohen is obviously highly capable and professional, and the procedure was not only painless but surprisingly even enjoyable. Dr. Cohen and his assistant treated my wife and I like old friends, with exceptional personal attention and care. Every concern was important and no detail was left unattended. Dr. Cohen was available by phone at any time and actually responded to a question on a weekend, cheerfully and without making us feel like we were intruding on his personal time. The experience and results could not have been any better.

John G.

It seems funny to say this...I had a great experience with a bad dental event! I am so grateful that I was referred to Dr. Cohen by Dr. ***.

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Cohen - again, I've already told several co-workers here in Palm Beach Gardens. I am telling everyone to go see Dr. Cohen if they or anyone they know needs any periodontal treatment - I urge everyone to not wait until they are in dire pain but if it happens - remember Dr. Lee Cohen.

I consider dental costs a long-term investment for my health and well-being, not to mention for appearance reasons. Poor dental health can cause serious issues that would surprise some of us. I felt the cost of my surgery was acceptable and so worth the outcome of how I now feel - pain-free! I had been in so much pain and had to accept the inevitable removal of a molar due to a failed root canal and severe bone loss due to long term infection (due to a broken file left in a root canal by a former dentist).

Admittedly, I didn't know what to expect with surgical tooth removal and dental implant placement. I was confident in Dr. Cohen after I met him - he has a great demeanor and before the surgery, he showed me the results of how his state-of-the-art CT scan helps him with the precise guidance he gets to place implants. Although Dr. Cohen and his assistant clearly described the steps of the procedure, I still didn't quite know what to expect and had fears about post-surgical pain. As it turns out, I am so impressed with the use of non-patient bone and tissue to rebuild the area for an implant...I didn't need to contribute my own bone - which I understand can be uncomfortable.

The procedure was totally pain-free and the recovery was incredibly comfortable and fast. Post-surgery, Dr. Cohen called later that day to see how I was doing. Within two days, I didn't even have discomfort! I am so grateful to have been referred to Dr. Cohen. I am so impressed with Dr. Cohen and his professionalism, state-of-the-art office, and his assistant Geraldine.

Linda K.

To all at Dr. Cohen's office. The quality of my life was enhanced by having dental implants...I can smile and talk without feeling embarrassed. I would definitely recommend this treatment to others and tell people to choose a professional who is a specialist trained in implant therapy. I would diffidently recommend Dr. Cohen as I believe he is the best in our area. I would do it again and know that the money I spent was well worth it. There is nothing like a wonderful smile with beautiful teeth. If anyone is looking for the best, again I would recommend Dr. Cohen. Everyone in the office is really nice and I feel amongst friends when I visit.

Retta S.

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