Deep Pockets & Periodontal Disease

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Deep Pockets & Periodontal Disease

Heal Gums Faster

When deep pockets are found in your gums it is likely that you also have periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is more commonly known as gum disease. Periodontal disease can harm your mouth and your body. It is linked to heart disease, autoimmune disorders, and other systemic health concerns. Periodontal disease is the main cause of tooth and bone loss in the mouth.

Yet, about 80% of Americans will have periodontal disease in their lifetime. When treated early, and often, periodontal disease can be eliminated along with risks to your health.

Palm Beach Center for Periodontics and Implant Dentistry was one of the first practices in the country to use LANAP. LANAP therapy uses a minimally invasive laser to remove bacterial infection from the deep pockets in your gums. This helps heal deep pockets and restores the health of your gum tissue.

How to Get Rid of Deep Pockets

Having healthy gums means getting rid of deep pockets between the gums and teeth. In order to preserve a healthy tooth foundation, a small distance must be maintained in the space between the gum tissue and the bones that hold your teeth. Normally, this small space does not permit pooling of aggressive bacteria, which may destroy the bones supporting the teeth in your mouth.

As bone is lost in your mouth, deeper pockets develop below the gum line. Deep pockets allow excessive pooling of bacteria which may destroy the bones in your mouth and eat away at the roots of your teeth. As bacteria pools in the deep pockets of your gums, it forms tartar. It is almost impossible to reach and remove this tartar via dental cleanings.

​​​​​​​Often the best way to treat deep pockets is through periodontal therapy. With LANAP, or in some cases pocket reduction surgery, Dr. Cohen can help to stop the progression of the disease process and move the space between your gum and bone back to a healthy distance. The desired result is to improve the lifespan of your teeth.

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