Gummy Smile

Gummy Smile Treatment

Goodbye Gummy Smile

Excess gum tissue, often referred to as a gummy smile, carries with it aesthetic and functional considerations.

Aesthetically speaking, having a gummy smile can make you feel self-conscious. Inhibiting your smile does not allow you to express pure joy. And, it might make you shy away from photos. This is where cosmetic periodontics can help.

Excess gum tissue can make home dental care more difficult. This is because gum tissue covers too much of the chewing surface of your teeth. Excess gum tissue makes it more difficult to remove bacteria, plaque, and tartar from the surface of your teeth. Dr. Lee R. Cohen, has several periodontal treatment options for reducing gum tissue comfortably, and with minimal downtime.

What Is Cosmetic Periodontal Care?

Cosmetic periodontal care is used to correct the appearance of your smile. There are three common uses for cosmetic periodontics to address excess gum tissue.

  • Crown lengthening is a periodontic procedure often recommended to patients who are making over their smiles. With crown lengthening, Dr. Cohen removes excess gum tissue to reveal more tooth structure. The result is a symmetrical gum line that elegantly frames your teeth.

  • A gingivectomy removes a small amount of excess gum tissue. To perform your gingivectomy, Dr. Cohen uses laser to trim back your gum tissue. A gingivectomy requires little downtime and can have dramatic results for your appearance.

  • Tooth-by-tooth excess gum reduction. In some cases, the gumline is asymmetrical. Dr. Cohen uses advanced periodontal techniques to create a more even, symmetrical appearance of your gumline and teeth.

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