What Are the Benefits of the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique?

Do your teeth look longer than normal? Do your gums appear to be pulling away from your teeth? 


This is known as gum recession and is a fairly common problem occurs when gum disease or other dental health problems cause your gum tissue, which usually fits snugly around the base of your teeth, to recede. Without treatment, your gums can recede so much that they expose the root below the affected teeth, putting you at risk of other issues developing, including infection and tooth loss. 


Palm Beach is a very social community, so we understand why it is so important for you to have a healthy smile that you feel confident sharing. Receding gums do not grow back themselves. Fortunately, using a technique called Chao Pinhole®, Dr. Lee Cohen can reattach and restore gum tissue around the teeth and help you rediscover your smile. 


What is Chao Pinholesurgical technique?

Chao Pinhole® surgery is a very straightforward, minimally-invasive dental surgery. With the Pinhole technique, Dr. Cohen uses a small needle to create a pinhole in your gum.  He then uses tiny dental instruments to move healthy gum tissue from the surrounding area into place.  Thus,
reversing your gum recession and restoring healthy tissue. The results are instant, and with little post-treatment discomfort.  


What are the benefits of Pinhole?

Pinhole is the most modern and comfortable way to restore the gums. Dental professionals and patients alike rave about the Pinhole technique. This is because of the unique benefits of this technique when compared to other gum recession treatments, such as gum grafting. Let’s find out why the Pinhole technique is so popular.



Minimally-invasive technique

Nobody wants to have surgery unless it is absolutely necessary, and Pinhole enables you to avoid scalpels, sutures, and other unpleasant things usually involved with surgery. There is no need to take donor tissue from another part of your body, which is needed in procedures such as gum grafting, which also helps reduce the intensity of the treatment.


Less discomfort for the patient after treatment

One of the main reasons why many patients prefer Pinhole is simply because there is much less post-surgery pain and discomfort than with other treatment techniques. You’ll probably only need over-the-counter pain relief. And you should start to feel back to normal the next day. 


Faster recovery

Another top benefit of Pinhole is that you recover quickly following your treatment. Thanks to the minimally-invasive nature of the procedure, rapid recovery is possible. We already know that you should be in minimal discomfort, and since there are no scalpels and no sutures, there is little healing that needs to take place. Dr. Cohen gives you specific information based on your personal circumstances, but you should be able to go back to your usual activities and resume eating and drinking the very next day. 


Improve your entire smile in one appointment

When you choose Pinhole to treat gum recession, the technique is performed across your entire smile in just one appointment. This makes it a very convenient and fast way of improving your oral health and the appearance of your smile. 


If you would like to know more about the benefits of Chao Pinhole® technique, or to schedule an appointment, visit Palm Beach Center for Periodontics and Implant Dentistry at our office in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. You can call (561) 621-3111 today to schedule an appointment.

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