Laser Therapy

For patients who do not look forward to needles, drilling, or numbness, Laser Therapy, may be the right choice.  Using Laser Therapy often eliminates the need for a scalpel or suture.  In addition, healing after laser procedures may occur much faster.  Often times no local anesthesia is required.  Unlike the dental drill, with laser dentistry there is no heat or vibration, making the procedure quite comfortable for most patients.  Not all periodontal therapies can be effectively performed with the use of a laser.  Dr. Cohen has been certified in the use of laser therapy and can review what options are appropriate for your particular needs.    


The Benefits:

  • Faster healing
  • Minimal pain means little to no anesthesia needed
  • Minimal post-op discomfort
  • Less bleeding
  • Reduced risk of infection - laser virtually sterilizes the periodontal pocket
  • Decreased sensitivity
  • Laser therapy is an effective option for treating periodontal disease and stimulating bone regeneration

Additional Laser Treatments:

  • Herpes and Apthous Ulcers
  • Acute Tooth Sensitivity
  • Minor Gum and Soft Tissue Procedures