CT Guided Implant Surgery

Dental implants are typically planned by the surgeon using a combination of the clinical evaluation and careful examination of dental x-rays.  Although extremely helpful, these x-rays only show a 2-dimensional view of the area.  Typically, the “width” component and exact location of important structures such as nerves cannot be determined.

This scan can be used to help determine where the safest location to place a dental implant exists.  Knowing this information in advance of the surgery not only allows for proper surgical planning, but also helps avoid surprises during the procedure. 

CT Guided Implant Surgery actually allows your procedure to be “performed” in advance of your surgery.  The majority of the work actually occurs when you are not in the dental office.  In the planning stages of implant treatment,  a CT Scan is taken in our office.   Dr. Cohen then utilizes advanced computer programs to place implants within the 3D representation of your mouth in the safest and most ideal positions.  These implant positions can be shared in advance with your general dentist so that treatment is ideal.  A surgical guide is then created for the procedure that will only allow implant to be placed in the predetermined locations.

Guided Implant Surgery is typically performed in less than an hour.  No incisions or sutures are usually needed and therefore post-operative swelling / discomfort is minimal.  This state-of-the-art procedure can be used for patients requiring 1 implant to patients in need of full mouth rehabilitation.    

3D guided dental implant